Something Bigger

Last fall, life was a lot different for Sean Boyle, a now 21-year-old goalie from Minnesota. In October 2015,he began to feel numbness throughout his whole body. After a few different opinions, doctors discovered what is called a ventricular carnivorous malformation wrapped around his brain stem. According to the Mayo Clinic, “These malformations may leak blood, leading to bleeding in the brain (hemorrhage). This can cause neurological symptoms, depending on the location of your cavernous malformation in your nervous system”.This required him to have immediate brain surgery.

After less than a year, Sean competed as one of the two goalies for the United States Paralympics Team in Rio. It was his first Paralympics and Boyle says “One moment in his life that he will never forget”. When i asked Boyle how learning of his medical condition in his freshman year at San Jose State University affected him? He told me, “Doctors told me 10 months ago that my soccer career was over, but it wasn’t, it’s just starting God just switched the plan for me… i now play for something bigger”.

Family members were not only his biggest supporters through it all but his biggest fans even extended family from other states cheered him on including my own. I am Sean Boyle’s third cousin, we may have only met a few times at family reunions but that didn’t stop us from watching him as he competed in his first Paralympics. Even after the Olympics we still like to keep up with him.


On November 14th he met President Obama at the White House he is the player in the middle.

Sean Boyle turned what was the worst experience of his life at the time to now the best. The United States Paralympic team took home bronze this year at the Olympic Games.


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